viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

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The group formed by Ana De Dios, and Edgar Andres Esteban Heredia, students of IES Matilde Salvador, have produced a work on bone marrow transplants in the field of biomedicine.

This group was chosen as the main theme of his project transplants. It is a topical issue for its continued development. In addition, if you invest in them can save the lives of several people. They want to demonstrate their usefulness and that its proper use can be a salvation for many. In 2014 were 118,127 solid organ transplants, representing 3% more than the previous year, according to the World Transplant Registry, which shows how Spain maintains its global leadership again. Spain has the lead worldwide in matter of donation and transplantation of organs and came back to win its own record in 2014 to reach a Tasa donation donor Milliat 36 people and perform transplants 4360.

Biomedicine is a branch of medicine and involves the development of new drugs and new techniques to help treat illnesses. Consider from molecular interactions to the dynamic operation of the body through the methodologies applied in biology, chemistry and physics.

The treatments and therapies for diseases have their origins in Greek and Jewish-Christians. To do a treatment, it is necessary to use drugs. A drug is a product that improves the quality of life. But if it is not a good use of it, can have negative consequences. To avoid this, follow the doctor's recommendations.

Alternative medicine is one that states have the same effects as medicine, but it is not proven by the scientific method. Its effectiveness has not been demonstrated beyond the placebo effect.

A transplant involves transferring an organ, tissue or set of cells from a donor to a receiver, also a part of the body to another in the same patient. The donor does not necessarily have to be alive. The most common transplants are: heart, lung, heart-lung, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, skin, cornea, pancreas, bone marrow, bones and heart valve.

Within the scope of the transplants, the group specializes in bone marrow transplants because it is a type in which much progress is being made.

Bone marrow is a tissue that is in the center of bones and is responsible for producing all blood cells.
Bone marrow transplantation is a treatment given to treat some cancers and other diseases. It consists of intravenously, healthy stem cells come from a donor can be a brother, father or family donors.

In our opinion we have similar work very interesting because it is a topical issue and also is essential to save the lives of many people.


Alba Callao, Sonia Cabello, Ana Beltrán and Gabriel Costiug during 2015/2016, IES Matilde Salvador.